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Digital Episode | 54 minutes

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia – the first art museum in America – displayed the work of a different kind of artist on a warm spring night when Ani DiFranco played the Artists Den stage. Before a packed gallery in the Academy’s Historic Landmark Building, which opened in 1876 for the nation’s Centennial Exposition and World’s Fair, the prolific, fiercely independent folk singer-songwriter gave a special performance of both fan favorites and new songs from her album, Red Letter Year.


1. God’s Country
2. Present/Infant
3. Manhole
4. Red Letter Year
5. Everest
6. Smiling Underneath
7. My I.Q.
8. Two Little Girls
9. As Is
10. Both Hands
11. Shameless
12. Little Plastic Castle
13. 32 Flavors